Smart Lock : PL5 PadLock

The PL5 Padlock is Acsys’s flagship lock. A military-grade mechatronic padlock that is as durable as it is intelligent. Ideal for rugged outdoor environments, especially gates and cabinets. The PL5 can be outfitted with our high security hasp for unsurpassed protection against vandalism. Possessing programmable logic to control access of up to 1 million keys and top-grade encryption standards, these electronic features are complemented by a variety of mechanical anti-theft measures.


  • Suitable for gates and heavy duty assets
  • Compatible with Acsys HASP for enhanced security
  • Heavy duty rubber cap available for extreme weather conditions

General Specifications

  • Padlocks are impossible to pick/bump
  • Brass with chrome plating
  • Power comes from Key (no battery)
  • Operating temperature from -20°C to +85°C
  • Logs last 1000 operations

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